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Rev Jane Stephenson                                                                 

Normal Sunday service times (but check church rotas for possible variations)

   9.45   Tilston St Mary's

  11.15  Shocklach St Edith's





Rev Jane Stephenson at St Mary's Church, Tilston

News update:  

1. Spring Newsletter now out.  Click "Latest News" above.

2. Rev Jane's leg is gradually improving.  She is so very grateful (Tom too) to all friends, supporters and the two schools, for rallying round with gifts, calls and good wishes.  Thanks also to the Churchwardens for keeping everything running.  It has been a difficult time made better by the love of our communities.  For church business, contact the Churchwardens (click "Contacts" for details).

3. Community Choir.  We made a good start on 25 February.  Join Jo Smith again at 6.00pm on Tuesday 22 April at Tilston School.  It's not too late to join and practice songs for the Church Garden Party at Grafton Hall Farm on 28 June.

4. SUMMER IS A-COMIN' 7.00pm on Friday 9 May at St Mary's Church.  An evening of words and music to celebrate Rogation.  Fayre Play, the Tilston Church Band, the Praise Group, the Ad Hoc Choir, local soloists.  Click "Latest News" for details!

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